Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Two Important Updates

These are two important updates to my previous posts.


I have been a huge proponent and user of Evan Millner's LATINUM podcast. See my first post "Teaching Yourself Latin and Greek" for how I used what I called "Adler + Millner + ├śrberg." See my "Beefing up your Latin Vocabulary, and How I Learned to Love Comenius" post for the role the LATINUM podcast played in beefing up my Latin vocabulary.

Well, especially in the world of technology, things change rapidly. Evan used a hosting service to host his podcast, and has gone belly up. Without ceremony, it's gone, kaput, along with Evan's podcast, never to return. Evan is not starting a new podcast, so some recordings from the podcast are irretrievably lost. However, all is not lost, and LATINUM itself continues on You Tube. Start by subscribing to Evan's You Tube channel, evan1965. Then observe that the videos are mostly or eventually arranged in playlists of related content. Then let me point out a few more things.

Video vs. Audio

The content on You Tube is of course videos. While I enjoy from time to time seeing and watching Evan as well as listening to him, the video for me is mostly distracting. My need is mostly for audio files I can 100% focus on (often indeed with my eyes closed), whose pace I can control, and which I can listen to while walking or working out. However, some past audio and in the future new audio will be made available on the LATINUM store (you can also link to the store directly from the You Tube site), which was associated with the podcast and remains associated with the You Tube channel. Previously with the podcast and continuing with You Tube, Evan periodically creates audio books (DVDs with MP3 files plus a .PDF for the text he is reading) and puts them for sale dirt cheap on the LATINUM store. So with respect to podcast recordings I referenced in my previous posts, you'll see in the store catalog the 3-DVD Adler course, Swallowing the Dictionary and, from his Comenius recordings, the Orbis Sensualium Pictus and the Januae Latinitatis Vestibulum. Unfortunately, the other podcast recordings from Comenius are lost, though I hope he will be doing more in the future.

And doing them more comprehensively. In the last several months before the demise of, Evan announced that as much as possible he was going to try to record entire works, rather than parts of works. So far, it looks like he is sticking with that policy on You Tube, and for me at least that is a very good thing.

Greek, Crosby & Schaeffer

In my "Teaching Yourself Latin and Greek" post, one of the resources I mentioned was the venerable Crosby & Schaeffer. In that discussion I wrote, "There are no 'officially' published keys to the exercises in Crosby & Schaeffer that I am aware of. This and its brevity of exposition seriously limit its value for the autodidact."

Here is a correction to that statement. First of all, I was not aware that along with their original publication of the textbook, in 1929, the authors also published a Teacher's Manual. That 1929 Teacher's Manual is still collecting dust on some library bookshelves (see Google Books, but it's not scanned). However, I got lucky and saw on Texkit a recent discussion about the availability of the Teacher's Manual, and in that discussion you will find a link to a .pdf scan of the Teacher's Manual on SkyDrive.

That is something of a precious commodity, and I would grab it while it's still there. I haven't looked at it closely yet, but it's got a lot of interesting commentary besides just the translations of the English-to-Greek exercises.

With that said, I would still recommend to the autodidact Athenaze and JACT over C&S. (See my "Teaching Yourself Latin and Greek, Part II" post.) But many, like myself, had their first pass at Greek via C&S, remember it fondly, and will want to use it again. Having the Teacher's Manual certainly makes it a viable candidate for the autodidact. (And again, I used all three for the resurrection of my Greek; they're not mutually exclusive.)

If you're interested in seriously pursuing C&S, you may also want to check out Rob McConeghy's Yahoo study group for C&S.